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Medically Assisted Weight Loss Can Help Expedite Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Weight Loss is multifactorial
Exercising helps maintain a healthy weight

Weight loss is harder than ever with current processed foods being so readily available. Diets mostly fail. Most people who lose weight yo-yo and gain even more back. Weight maintenance is hard given the demands of today's busier-than-ever, overbooked, overfed, under-moved, under-slept lives. There are tried and true--as well as new--medical modalities to help you safely lose weight.

How can we at Vitali-T Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic help you lose weight? In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, we can help coach you to a new fitness level. We promote living an active lifestyle while incorporating intermittent fasting, improved gut health, and improving your mind and body connection through mindfulness. We'll connect you to local gyms, get acquainted with a dietician, and help propel you to your best version--you must achieve. Being healthy is a mindset.

Give it up for T

Once labs are completed and evaluated, testosterone will often be prescribed. This can, in and of itself, help men lose weight, a pant's size or two. With TRT, you become leaner, stronger and lose adipose (which is fat; often, this is belly fat in men).

In addition to treating your low T, we can start you on other shorter or longer-term therapies to help you reach your weight goals. Medically assisted weight loss is now even more effective than ever. With newer and newer science, we are learning how the body holds onto and loses weight. There are ways to help medically kick-start your weight loss journey.


One of the most popular medically assisted weight loss medications is semaglutide. This is a Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor Agonist. These lines of meds are for treating type II diabetes. Other names for semaglutide are Ozempic or Wegovy. This medications makes you feel full, slowing gastric emptying, and tells the brain you're not hungry. You lose cravings-->you lose calories-->you lose weight. In addition to the all-important balanced diet, and exercise program, semaglutide can help expedite weight loss in most individuals with a BMI >27 kg/m2. Per the CDC, obesity in America now includes over 40% of people over 40.

Newly published findings from a phase III trial published in June 2023 in The Lancet illustrate oral semaglutide pill is as effective as Wegovy for weight loss.

Other medical weight loss therapies

Other medications for treating obesity include tirzepatide, phentermine and contrave (bupropion and naltrexone). We can discuss these and other options at Vitali-T Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic to get you excited about losing weight. Many folks lose over 15% of their body weight in as little as a few months. When you get the weight off, you can move so much more easily and feel good doing it, not like you've just carried a bag of bricks up a mountain.

Action leads to motivation, not the other way around. Action leads to more and more action and becomes a habit. A habit is more easily maintained than trying to motivate yourself daily. People who exercise daily aren't more motivated than other people. They have developed the habit and have the momentum to keep going, day in and day out. They are consistent, and with this routine, you develop weight maintenance without the ups and downs of dieting.

Develop motivation by first taking action and see how easy it is to change the trajectory of your life to one of healthy, well-balanced living. A few steps can help you develop life-changing habits that become a part of your life rather than the bane of your existence.

***We are working on details of all these weight loss medications to help you better understand what they are and how they work. Check back soon.

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