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Patients will receive an email invoice via our payment processor within 24 hours of order(s). This should be paid within 24 hours of receipt.

Online payments through this website utilize a third-party payment processor. Refunds are processed manually by the site's owner. If enrollment is chosen, and the consumer does not want to move forward with treatment after the consultation, or the consumer does not qualify for the chosen treatment, a 100% refund will result within 14 business days of purchase. This will be in the form of a reverse charge back to the account that was used for the purchase. If the consumer moves forward with treatment and receives products in the mail, no refund can be provided, given the nature of the products and prescription medications. If products are damaged during shipment, the patient must notify Vitali-T Men's Health Clinic in writing with digitally uploaded photographic documentation within 24 hours.


The subscription for all services can only be canceled after three months of continuous payments to ensure that all services and treatments purchased are paid in full. If the full three months are paid upfront, the patient can cancel services at any time thereafter. 

Vitali-T Men’s Health Clinic, LLC

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