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Frequently Asked Questions

What is testosterone?


Testosterone (often simplified to “T” and referred to as “Testosterone Replacement Therapy” or (TRT) levels decrease for most men with age. Today’s men suffer significant testosterone decline by each decade of life (e.g, age 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and so on) due to environmental endocrine disruptors present in their daily environment. It’s no exaggeration that you 

are now exposed 10-fold to environmental estrogenic toxins than men of the past. You work, eat, play and sleep differently because of these cumulative changes as you age. As the population of men ages and their testosterone decreases, so too do the medically recommended testosterone levels. You can see why this is a problem. It is not normal for today's men to have such low testosterone levels. Today's average young adult has a lower T than his grandfather at age 80. Incredible! The only way today’s man can increase their testosterone–in addition to changes to diet and exercise regimens–is to supplement with exogenous testosterone. The scientific community, in a study published in a 2023 New England Journal of Medicine article, now illustrates no cardiovascular risk to men on TRT.


The most common symptoms of low testosterone:


Low Energy




Hair Loss


Low Libido


Man Boobs



Urinary Issues


Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy can expect to experience:
Testosterone: Tried & True


Lifts brain fog, improves
memory and focus 


Increases muscle growth, strength and endurance; decreases belly fat


Increases libido, performance, and endurance during intimacy


Decreases cholesterol and blood pressure


Improves bone density, ligament and tendon strength; increases red blood cells (RBCs) & efficiency

Improves skin collagen and hair growth while reducing signs of aging

  • Do I have to inject myself?
    The subcutaneous injection is very easy to self-administer, using one of the smallest known needles medicine can offer (an insulin syringe). If you would prefer to come to the clinic for weekly injections, for example, we can administer these to you (once our brick-and-mortar location has opened).
  • Can I get refills?
    Most refills are sent to you 2-3 months at a time through the mail.
  • What states do you practice in?
    Oregon and Washington (virtually for follow ups).
  • How does your service work from start to finish?
    1. You’ll have a virtual 15-minute consultation. 2. We will send you a lab kit you can take to a local laboratory for the lab draw and return free by mail -OR- we can send lab orders to a local lab close to you and you can use your own health insurance. 3. You’ll follow up virtually (or in person once our brick-and-mortar location has opened) about a week later for a one-hour visit for an in-depth discussion of your lab results–as they compare to your symptoms–and treatment options. 4. All other follow-ups for that year should take place virtually, only every 3-6 months, depending on your lab results. Labs might have to be repeated to trend certain values for safety.
  • Do you accept other labs or older labs?
    This is dependent on how old they are and what they include. It’s safest to start with our specialized lab panel to ensure all your labs are at expected ranges/reference ranges.
  • Is this a legal practice?
    Yes, we practice using a self-pay concierge style of medicine, which allows for individualized treatment of certain health problems.
  • Will labs have to be repeated?
    Often labs are repeated at least once per year after the initial lab draw and results discussion. This will cost you out-of-pocket (you might be able to use your health insurance policy), but it’s much cheaper than the initial labs because we order only the few that need to be monitored and trended.
  • Can I come from another testosterone clinic to establish care?
    Yes, we will still need to draw some labs to start, but simply fill out the contact form to relay your specific needs and questions.
  • Is there a discount for paying upfront?
    Yes, there is a sliding discount for each month you pay upfront. This roughly equals 5-10% off your total order.
  • Are there any hidden or membership fees?
    Nope. A lot of other clinics show a price and then require a monthly membership and charges for weekly or monthly follow up visits, which are often costly to the patient. We don’t nickel and dime you to death. We are as transparent as possible.
  • Why don’t you accept health insurance?
    Self-pay allows for more liberal and progressive prescribing practices. We can treat you, the patient, not a number (as required by insurance) The current guidelines suggest that normal testosterone levels are 240 ng/dL for all ages, for all body types, and for all men. This leaves many men theoretically untreated because of this ridiculously low level set as what is "normal." They shouldn't be able to decide what is normal for you. Decisions are under your control, not the insurance underwriters
  • Is my medication verified?
    Yes, your medications come from FDA approved, United States pharmacies with excellent regulatory history.
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