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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): How Long To Results

More Energy & Motivation with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
TRT = More Energy, Motivation & Stamina

One question that often arises before men start Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is how long it takes to see certain benefits. Some improvements take longer than others. Though this is the case, the wait is often worth it.

Much of the benefit gained from TRT is anecdotal in nature. Generally speaking, in the first six weeks, men experience increased energy, better mood, sensation of well-being, and improved intimacy (sexual wellness).

After about eight weeks, men have improved focus and mental clarity. These go hand-in-hand. At about the 12-week mark, men have improved bone density, building muscle more easily. They have likely lost weight, a pant's size or two, depending on diet and exercise regimens. Often, cholesterol lowers to safer levels.

Benefits & Time to Results of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)


Time to Results

​Improved Libido & Intimacy

​3 weeks

Increased Muscle Mass

​12 weeks

Increased Lean Body Mass

16 weeks

​Reduced Fat/Abdominal Fat (adipose)

12-16 weeks

Reduced Inflammation (of joints)

3-4 weeks

Improved Bone Density

16-24 weeks

Improved Metabolism

12-16 weeks

Improved Cholesterol

4-6 weeks

Improved Mental Clarity

4-6 weeks

Improved Sleep Quality

2-6 weeks

Improved Erectile Function

3-4 weeks

Though these are rough estimates, the benefits speak for themselves. As you might have guessed, TRT is a bit of an anti-aging medication. It's like your body is in its 20s or 30s again; you can recover much faster from working or workouts. Numerous studies have essentially debunked the cardiovascular risks of using TRT; the opposite is proving true--men have better cardiovascular outcomes when on TRT (TRT often reduces CRP inflammatory markers associated with cardiovascular disease in men).

Contact Vitali-T Men's Health Clinic in Astoria, Oregon, to see if you might qualify for TRT. The benefits are worth the (very short) wait!

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