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This Month's Vitali-T Local Spotlight: A Quick Story of Dr. Camille Beers, owner of Youngs Bay Chiropractic

The sign outside of Youngs Bay Chiropractic

Vitali-T Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic operates out of the Youngs Bay Chiropractic office suites in Astoria, Oregon. We thought what a great opportunity it would be to interview a local business owner, entrepreneur, and fellow health professional.

Here's some great insight into Dr Camille Beers and her chiropractic services at Youngs Bag Chiropractic.

Dr Camille Beers' childhood unfolded against the backdrop of the stunning Oregon coast in both Cannon Beach and Seaside. Engaging in sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball, alongside a love for surfing and outdoor adventures like running and hiking, laid the foundation for an active lifestyle.

As the transition from adolescence to adulthood unfolded, Camille found herself drawn to the healthcare field. Contemplating various paths, from considering becoming a Physicians Assistant to exploring acupuncture and physical therapy, the decisive moment came when she discovered her true calling as a chiropractor.

Personal experiences with knee and hip issues during college and early adulthood led her to transformative chiropractic care at another chiropractic doctor's office, which incorporated soft tissue work and exercises. She didn't have any more knee pain after those visits.

Armed with a robust background in soft tissue work, including Structural Integration, ART, and various massage techniques, Camille has today carved out a distinctive niche in the realm of chiropractic care. Her approach extends beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments, encompassing a holistic methodology that addresses soft tissue issues and empowers patients with stretches and exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

In the daily operations of Youngs Bay Chiropractic, established in April 2019, Camille focuses on attending to patients dealing with a spectrum of issues, from chronic pain to acute injuries. The gratification lies in aiding individuals in finding relief and regaining control of their overall well-being.

Addressing concerns about accessibility, Camille accommodates both cash and insurance, aiming to make chiropractic care inclusive. While the waiting period for new patients may extend to a couple of months due to high demand, existing patients can typically secure appointments within the same day or week.

As the sole practitioner at Youngs Bay Chiropractic, Camille ensures a personalized and consistent approach to each patient's care. The commitment revolves around delivering quality chiropractic services within a comfortable and effective healing environment.

In response to a common query, chiropractic manipulation may cause some discomfort, particularly for those already in pain. However, the transient discomfort is typically overshadowed by the long-term benefits of improved mobility and reduced pain. The objective is to specialize in delivering tailored care that aligns with each individual's unique needs.

Camille Beers' journey from a coastal upbringing to becoming a chiropractor reflects her commitment to promoting wellness through chiropractic care. Youngs Bay Chiropractic is a testament to her dedication to blending expertise, compassion, and empowerment, guiding patients on their individual paths to recovery.

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