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This Month's Vitali-T Local Spotlight: Mindt Conditioning

One cannot be healthy with one modality alone. For instance, if you have low testosterone (low T) and utilize testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), then that will likely help correct a lot of the symptoms of low T (see our TFAQs page).

There's more than TRT to feeling your best, however. Men need a state of balance--mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical--to be whole. The former dimensions will be addressed in due time on Vitali-T Local Spotlights, but the latter (physical) is the focus of this month's local spotlight--it's time to get physical at Mindt Conditioning!

Mindt Conditioning is located in Astoria, Oregon. At the dead-end of 31st street, perched on the water's edge of the great Columbia River, lies the barn-red building housing all that is Mindt Conditioning.

Mindt Conditioning offers personal training, nutritional coaching, bodybuilding, and strength conditioning with cardio and team events.

The owner and founder--Herb Mindt--has his own personal journey into fitness and wellness.

Two of the experienced personal trainers at Mindt Conditioning are AJ and Trey. They both have various levels of degrees and certifications in fitness, nutrition and the science of health. They both work with clients to help them achieve their individualized fitness needs.

Mindt Conditioning punch bag
View of the Columbia

I have been guided in my own fitness journey, getting up at the crack of holy light. Trey, the trainer listed above, is now my personal trainer.

Before Mindt Conditioning, I was plagued by my own workout boredom and mild, nagging overuse injuries. I wanted to add more to my garage gym mundane routine. I asked Trey if he could help me figure out some new exercises, help me feel stronger, more balanced, and less bored.

I can say after five weeks of training thus far, Mindt Conditioning and Trey have come through. I am getting more balanced and feeling less and less sore from my former monotonous strength training routine.

I even started legs. I run for fun in the woods. I never do legs on purpose. I want to maintain the spring in my step. Trey has guided me slowly into working leg day into my training regimen. I am slowly acclimating.. did I say S L O W L Y? Yes, I did...twice.

Mindt Conditioning workout equipment
Inside view of Mindt Conditioning

If you're looking for a local place to find a personal trainer to guide you toward your fitness journey, consider Mindt Conditioning.

Check out their website and shoot them an email. They'll let you stop by and see all the equipment and even offer a free assessment to get you started off in the right direction.

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