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This Month's Vital-T Local Spotlight: Watershed Wellness

The Watershed Wellness Logo

I had my first massage at Watershed Wellness about a month ago. I thought the customer service, along with the massage, was top-notch. I've been fortunate to have massages in my long life of trail running by some of the world's premier athletes' own masseuses. My massage, by comparison, at Watershed Wellness was one of the best I've had in a long time.

Watershed Wellness, located in Astoria, Oregon, is this month's local Spotlight. Read on to learn about this one-stop-shop wellness center, offering services from Chinese herbs, massage therapy, and acupuncture to Naturopathic medicine, holistic skincare & facials.

Husband and wife--Eric and Amanda--started with two Portland-based Wellness Centers in 2009. After moving to Astoria in 2016 and starting Watershed Wellness in 2017, they decided to close the Portland locations to focus on maximizing their services to the coastal communities in and around Astoria. They say that it was the right decision, and they have done nothing but see the fruition of their labors focusing locally on the locals.

Owners: Eric & Amanda

With the growth and expansion of services, they now boast multiple practitioners, all of whose bios can be found on the Practitioners page of their website.

Eric enjoys both science and philosophy, making studying Chinese medicine a unique and attractive fit. He says, "...there was a fusion of interest and opportunity". Eric went for it after he was done with college, looking for "something that satisfied different parts of me."

Amanda had also completed college and wanted to try massage, given that the intense training can be completed in about a year, where she studied the science and art of massage in Eugene, Oregon.

Both Amanda and Eric split their time between seeing patients and working on the management and administrative sides of the business. They essentially "split the duties half and half," Eric told me during our interview. He went on to say, "There's no other management, [but we do utilize] a full-time insurance biller," given the technicalities and difficulties of this side of the business.

Watershed Wellness is a one-stop shop of sorts. Eric describes a team that works and functions together so that patients get "lots of different perspectives." This enables patients to see more than one provider, with input from multiple angles, to reach optimal wellness. This includes lenses that look at angles differently, "from biomedical pain management to botanical medicine" therapies.

A Natural Selection

One can easily see the holistic approach brought to the community by Watershed Wellness. Their philosophy, Mission and Values attest to as much.

Their website has many useful resources, not limited to a Blog or Podcasts. You can sign up for the Email newsletter, to boot.

You can call for an appointment or simply complete their Contact Us page. They also offer online booking if you prefer this route.

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