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Make Your Kids Cry Mercy: How TRT Increases Energy

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Family Kayaking at Sunset
TRT = Energy

I just love the summertime. There are so many awaiting adventures, from simple walks, hiking, and trail running to exploring the beach, lakes, and ponds.

I have taken my family to two lake adventures this summer in the last few weeks. One story I just have to tell you:

It was me in a single sit-on-top kayak, my kid and his cousin, eight and 11 years old, respectively. The goal: paddle across the lake and back (about a half-mile each way).

We had finally made it to the other side. My kid and his cousin said, "You are fast. You make it look easy." I guess I never thought about it. It was work, yes. It was fun, yes. It was...easy...well, sort of. My arms were tired, sure. I don't kayak much. I was using new muscles.

Then the whining started. "Oh no, they chimed: we have to paddle back to the other side?!" I grinned happily, yep.

I had to bribe them to get them to start. I told them if they beat me, I'd give them $5 bucks, each. That reignited their enthusiasm. Off we went.

We paddled. They cried out about how tired they were. The cousin said to my boy that he should try harder, that he's not helping, that he is dead weight, that he is useless, and that he could at least steer.

We got back to the place from whence we started.

My wife came a-paddlin' out toward us.

I told the boys to head to the cabin, they had won the race. They can have their money.

They turned in disbelief. My boy said, "What?! You're going back out? No way. How? Aren't you tired? Aren't your arms dead?"

I gave a happy grin and yelled, "Nope." I'm heading out for an hour with your mom. We cruised along the shoreline, zig-zagged out and about, hither, tither and through. We had smiles, grins, laughter, a blast. I swam some since I had my wetsuit on. The water was refreshingly ice cold, like a beer after a hard summer's day.

After we finished, I was tired. My arms were tired. I wasn't spent. I wasn't beat. I wasn't exhausted.

I felt good. I felt energetic, full of life, and ready for more playful action.

This is what having optimal testosterone can do for a guy. It can make him energetic, positive, full of life, and ready for more action, day in and day out.

Testosterone hormone optimization helps men feel better, younger, and ready for more.

Low T can be corrected in men using TRT. You can kayak for hours and make your kids cry for mercy, for no more; they'll look at your like you're crazy and will walk away befuddled when you go out for more.

I'll be 45 years old this year. I plan on making my kids cry for a long, long time.

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