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Tired? Worn Out? - Time to Learn about Low Testosterone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)!

A man with low testosterone in Astoria, Oregon
Feeling Low? It might be low testosterone | Read on to learn about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

As discussed in earlier posts, low Testosterone levels play a large role in low motivation, especially the kind that comes on slowly as men age. Why? Men go through "andropause" or "manopause" slowly over decades. It's a natural part of aging. However, what's not natural is how much lower testosterone levels are today compared to two or three decades ago. Testosterone levels are about 20% lower in men today than in their forefathers (read this),

Testosterone levels are not age-adjusted. We don't really have science to help, either. No studies illustrate a physiological range that aligns with a specific decade of life. Most laboratories set this range arbitrarily from 200-800 ng/dL. Instead, it would be better, for example, if the lab listed it as a 20-year-old male: 600-700; a 30-year-old male: 500-600, et cetera. But, alas, it's not referenced this way.

Therefore, we have to go off how men feel within certain ranges. It's fairly easy to see that a 5'5" man and a 6'5" man--in addition to age as a variable--will have different testosterone requirements/needs based on numerous physiological reasons, such as muscle mass, adipose tissue, testosterone receptors, metabolism, proteins, insulin resistance, and organ (e.g., heart, kidneys) function.

That's where testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for low testosterone and Vitali-T Men's Health & Testosterone Clinic in Astoria (serving the Oregon and Washington coast, from Ocean Beach, Long Beach to Warrenton, Seaside, Gearhart, and even Tillamook) comes in. Low testosterone can be corrected by slowly increasing testosterone levels to reach the range where a man feels good again with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). As the title suggests, low T may be to blame if you have found yourself lying on the couch more than engaging in life.

Most primary care providers do not know which labs to order or how to interpret them. They must go off the "guidelines" and the insurance model for reimbursement. Since we are a self-pay membership service clinic, we can treat you based on your lab results, goals, and how you feel. We use the guidelines as a safety guide but not to limit your treatment. Fill out the contact form today, and we'll get you started on feeling like a whole (motivated, energetic, strong, and leaner) man again. Low testosterone can be corrected with testosterone replacement therapy.

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